Can Families Actually Enjoy a Vacation?

Working in the wedding industry, there are so many questions that I get asked by brides and grooms-to-be. Sitting on the top of a very long, and very broad list is whether or not they will ever have a vacation again.


While my first response always centered around how easy it really was to take a baby on a plane (despite movies otherwise), I quickly learned that their concern was money!


After being asked so many times, I think it’s the perfect opportunity to compile my top ways to take a family on a vacation without remortgaging your house!


Hotel and Accommodation

If the first site that you visit when it comes time to look for any and all of your accommodation isn’t the Groupon Coupons page for Hotwire then you are wasting your money.


Sites like these are excellent aggregators that hunt down the best price and option for you. Not only this, they also allow you to compare to the hotels directly, showing you exactly how much you are saving without having to leave the site


The reason why I mention this tip so prominently is that they offer an extremely broad range of hotels and resorts. This could be a local neighborhood B&B that you and the family need to one night as you travel through a connection, right through to any all-inclusive resort-style options you and your youngsters may prefer.


Take a Hike! Well, a Cruise!

That’s right – families can enjoy a cruise without worrying about paying for their child’s tuition. While you may not be poised to jump on board during the peak travel periods, taking a cruise through the inner passage of Alaska during the summer months will yield spectacular views and experiences without costing a fortune.


Another great advantage to a cruise is that your children are both entertained and fed. Cruises offer a wide range of child minding and entertaining facilities, while all food on board is taken care of.


Road Trip!

Just because you expect to see teenagers hanging out of a Jeep when you hear the word road-trip doesn’t mean that everybody else can’t enjoy them. Families included.


While you aren’t going to want to take the cramped sedan, smaller camper vans and motorhomes are both inexpensive and easy to drive. A road trip with your family is a great way to bond and see as many sights as possible without breaking the bank to do it.


If you do decide to take this option, consider the amount of time that you and your family can spend as you travel. The idea behind this thought is to consider such things as finding break stops along the way that you can plan to stop at to stretch, change your line of sight, or even swap drivers. This is the best way to keep everybody refreshed and fight driver fatigue.


These are just three great options that you and your family can benefit from to help you and your family see the world while still being in a position where you can pay the rent.

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