10 Proposal Ideas That Will Make Her Say Yes

Why is a proposal such a big deal? It’s enough that you are a bit nervous about popping the question and asking her to be your partner for life, but you should also try to make it as amazing as possible, especially if you have any doubts about the answer. However, fear not. Here is how you can sweep her off her feet and hear the music to your ears – the “I do” words pronounced (or even exclaimed).

Darin Collinson

First date
Do you remember your first date? You must, because both of you have gone over it a lot of times remembering how you felt at the beginning. In order to get the “yes”, try to recreate your first date. Take her to the place where you had your first date, and try to follow the same routine. A dinner, a movie, a kiss in front of her place? But, this time you’ll get on your knee. She’ll be pleasantly surprised, that’s for sure.

Road trip
But, if it’s surprise you’re aiming at, then you could consider going on a short trip. Plan a weekend away. Enjoy your time far away from all the troubles and obligations. That’s certainly going to put her in the good mood. As for how to propose, you can have different options. Perhaps while you’re looking at some famous landmark, in the middle of the city square. Or over a romantic dinner. Either way, it will be a trip to remember!

Wine and dine
Why is it that people in the movies get engaged over a soufflé? It’s because of the whole ritual. Basically, when you are eating out, you are pampering yourself. This is your time to focus on each other and talk about things that matter to you (as opposed to dining in front of the TV set). The best moment for the proposal – at the very end of the meal, of course.

Best comic ever
If your significant other is a fan of comics, then this is your proposal. You can order a custom comic to be made for just the two of you, showing different events from your relationship. You can guess what’s going to be written in the speech bubble at the end, can’t you?

Nothing beats the beach

There is something incredibly romantic about beach sunsets that cannot be explained. Take advantage of the atmosphere, and write “Will you marry me?” in the sand. Just make sure you’re writing far enough from the waves since that could ruin the moment.

City skyline
What if you can’t afford a holiday at the moment? Never mind that, you can still make it. If you’re living in a city, pick the tallest building with the best view. Think of an excuse, and ask the question in the middle of her admiring the city skyline.

Memory lane
Now, if you’re not particularly outdoorsy and you cherish your privacy, here is one that can be done inside your home. All you need is a red ribbon or a string and some photos. Use the ribbon as the guideline towards the box with the ring, and hang the photos of you two on it. Start from those from the beginning of your relationship until the recent ones. She’ll greatly appreciate the effort and get all emotional, which is what you were going for.

With a little help of your furry friend
If you and your girlfriend have a pet which you simply adore, we’re pretty positive they would like to give you a paw. One of the most common ways is for you to tie the ring with a ribbon and hang it on the collar. Cute, and works like a charm.

Christmas version
The holidays are coming, and here is your time to shine – literally! Use the Christmas lights to spell out the question, then ask her to come out and check if you did an OK job. You surely did.

Coffee or tea
We all have our favourite hot drink and enjoy sipping it slowly. In case you two enjoy your first cup of coffee in the morning together, take her mug one day and have “Marry me?” written on the bottom. Once she finishes the drink, she’ll be beyond herself. Naturally, this only works if you make the drink for her.

There you have it! Ten proposal suggestions which are bound to get you the reaction you desire and are a perfect story to tell your friends and family, too. Good luck!


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