Celebrating Life Through Pictures

One thing that hasn’t changed in the digital world in which we live is pictures. We still use cameras, but their memory card is uploaded onto a computer. We generally use smart phones for our picture-taking. They, too, are uploaded onto a computer.

We then go to the drug store or Walmart to print out our pictures. Some folks print them at home on special photo paper. Many pictures are tucked into a plastic envelope in a photo album, shoved into a box in a closet, and forgotten. Other pictures are framed and sent to the grandparents.

Have You Seen Photo Books?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a book of your photos that look like glossy magazine pages? Soft cover and hard cover photo books are available, and with a choice of textures and finishes. The books are affordable, and come in three different sizes: landscape, portrait, or square.

Picture it: how many dozens of baby and tot pictures do you have of your kids? Would they appreciate a personalized, custom picture book of their own? Toss in a couple pictures of Mom and Dad, so the kids can remember you along the various st(ages) of development, too. It’s nostalgic, and they’ll be touched.

It Couldn’t Be Easier To Make A Photo Book

Since it’s a digital world, it’s easy to use Mixbook. You simply upload your pictures, choose a theme for your photo book, choose your type of paper, choose whether or not you want matte or glossy, and add text, if you wish. Now choose the cover you want, and voila! You’re done.

You can use Mixbook for any photo you have. Make one photo book, or make dozens. Convenience is part of the pleasure of making picture books. If you have questions or run into a snag, customer service is right there. They’ll walk you through the problem quickly and cheerfully.

How Many Occasions Happen In Your Life?

People celebrate life events such as births, graduations, weddings, becoming CEO, buying their first house, and so forth. People take pictures of military family members, family members who accomplish something, and family members who become cops or firefighters.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have a picture book of years of Easter egg hunts? A book of successive last day of school with the accompanying report cards would remind kids how they grew up.

What occasions would you put into a Mixbook book?

Who Would Want A Picture Book?

It’s a sad fact of life, and it breaks our hearts. Our parents won’t be here forever. It’s difficult for us to imagine, because we’re busy living our lives, working, and raising our families. Many grandparents only have memories to go on while others have picture albums. What wouldn’t they give for a glossy picture book to smile at as they look and remember?

When people go away to college, go into the military, or move to another city to work, they spend lots of nights dreaming of friends and family. They, too, would appreciate their own Mixbook of memories.


Often, pictures are all we have by which to remember a person or event. Memories, even precious ones, fade with time. Pictures retain the color and the emotion of a person, thing, or event. Make your photo book today.


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