Some fresh ways to display your sola wedding flowers

Some fresh ways to display your sola wedding flowers

There are a few already set traditional ways to show your wedding flowers. When you break the rules by choosing sola wooden flowers over original blooms, it is already a right step taken out of the way. Sola wooden flowers and sola flower arrangements are simply classy and elegant that is equally affordable with their durability. You can choose from various color options with no worries about the seasonal availability of those flowers and many other advantages.

If you are ready to bust out of the routine ceremony décor and reception, here are few fresh and wholly unexpected ways to show off the beauty and charm of your sola flowers:

Sola flowers in ice:

There are so many ideas to incorporate with an icy floral structure in your wedding. It might be a little challenging to pull off for aisle runners, and you need to be extra careful with slippage, but it could be a fun new stance to take on classic ice bars. I guess you can try a row of frozen sola flower blocks arranged in a bar shape or boost your imaginations to create something extraordinary.

Sola floral arrangements in Acrylic boxes:

Imagine gorgeous sola roses’ arrangement that seems like whimsically growing out of the ground up on their own. You can encapsulate this classic arrangement in a Lucite box. You can also use highboy tables for these otherworldly ambiances during cocktail hours.

Sola stems in glass tubes:

Try some sculptural stems of sola tulips, orchid, gazania, and bird of paradise in tiny glass tubes. These slim arrangements are perfect for round table centerpieces and cake table decorations.

Use sola wood flowers under a clear tabletop:

Use loose sola floral under a glass or acrylic tabletop that is built like boxes to display flowers under them without getting squished. These tables will surely create a mesmerizing effect, and you will don’t even need centerpieces. You can also try lining your table with beautiful candlesticks for a mood lighting galore.

Flowers under a cloche:

This kind of floral arrangement that seems both wild and bold with such a limited space is genuinely out of the world. The cloche flowers never feel forced or squashed, and give an organic feel genuinely.

Sola flowers elevated, like table runners:

These sola flower arrangements are actual art galleries. You can also consider it a modern take on an aisle runner. Use flowers in monochromatic colors at esquire pillars topped with transparent flower boxes.

Why use sola wood flowers?

Sola wood flowers are the perfect companions of unique floral arrangements that need experimentation. The durability of sola flowers with the flexibility of their wire stems provides an ease to test your creative skills. is a well-known sola flower store that provides beautiful and elegant sola wood flowers for any occasion. We also offer custom designed wedding bouquets, floral arrangements, and full wedding event flowers. is dedicated to providing you the beauty you love in the colors you like.


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