How to Celebrate 20th Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are nice traditions that allow to say that despite the passing years, the love remains. We celebrate the wedding of porcelain after 20 years of marriage. 20th anniversary gifts for her are described here.WHY MARRIAGE OF PORCELAIN?

The origin of “materials” assigned to each wedding anniversary, between 1 and 80 years of marriage, is rather fanciful. There is not really progress the smallest value (the marriage of cotton for the first anniversary) to the largest value (the marriage of oak for 80 years). Thus we find between these two ends different trees, flowers, metals or stones. tin wedding for 10 years of marriage, china for 20 years, money for 25 years, Emerald for 40 years … Every time, an opportunity to reaffirm its half that the ‘love.


You do not have to organize a party in grand style with friends and family. While it is true that many decide to make a point to round numbers such as 20 years of marriage, you can also spend intimate time in a two-star restaurant or at home. You decide what suits you best at time T.


Here again, no obligation. Although a small reminder to your wedding “china” can be an original and nice touch! Depending on the theme of the anniversary, research gift can become the Holy Grail! For example, poppy wedding (8 years of marriage), lead (14 years of marriage), porphyry (33), paper (37) or iron (41) can prove to be a real headache for the one who is keen to stay in the theme! With, the key, a gift that will not please necessarily, despite the efforts …


Fortunately for us, the 20-year marriage porcelain put in the spotlight. A gift in the theme will be a nice decorative item, a trinket, a work of art, beautiful dishes, a vase, a candle holder, a designer jewel … The ideas are plentiful, and are not necessarily all “tacky”. But if this type of gift is appropriate for Dear surely prefer something else! Without falling into the cliche, a man may not be sensitive to a porcelain gift!

These are few ideas for 20th wedding anniversary gifts for couples. You can find more ideas for 5 year anniversary gifts for wife, silk gift for couples.

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