The wedding is just around the corner!  Whether you have a year to plan or just a few months to plan, you have to begin planning for your wedding day TODAY. You have to look for a wedding manager or planner who can help you plan the day out and ensure that you and your guests have a wonderful day. But even with someone planning the wedding, you will have to share ideas on what you would like the day to look like.

Here are three ideas that would be perfect for the wedding reception. Use the ones below or get creative and combine the three of them!

  1. Get the help of flowers: Flowers do the best job adding beauty to a venue. You can consider using flowers in different ways for the wedding reception. Some of the commonly used and tested ideas include – using them as centerpieces, using flowers in the archway, covering the dance floor with flowers for the first dance, and using flower petals in the pathways. There are also some unique and creative ways in which flowers can be used as decor. A hanging garden over the reception venue is one such idea. 
  2. Go deluxe on the wedding cake: A great way to add uniqueness to the wedding reception is by rethinking the wedding cake. You can do the cake differently in two ways – the size of the cake (the layers) and the design of the cake. If you choose to experiment with the size of the cake, you can consider different types of layering and stacking them high. The grandeur will definitely be loved. Alternatively, if you choose to experiment with the design of the cake, there are great ways to personalize the wedding cake. You could add memories, places or phrases to the icing that have special meaning.
  3. Create a secret garden getaway: If you are interested in decorating with flowers, why not make it better and create an entire garden? A beautiful way to end your wedding day would be to spend the evening surrounded by an open garden designed with benches, outdoor seating and hanging fairy lights. Anything you desire for your secret garden reception can come true if you find the perfect wedding planners. Reach out to us at Cashmere Dreams Wedding & Event Planning to choose your wedding package and plan the wedding of your dreams!