A wedding would never be complete without the bride’s favorite flowers. It is always the bride’s ultimate goal to have a wedding that is unforgettable. So having her favorite flowers with the best arrangement should show her preference and character. The theme of the flower arrangement as well as the colors should match the motif of the wedding as this will be the finishing touch to make it very memorable for the bride.

To aid in selecting the best flowers for your wedding, here are a few steps to guide you:

First, there is no right or wrong selections when it comes to choosing the flowers for your wedding. Remember that it is your wedding, so your preference plays the most vital part. You should take note of your theme as well as your budget when choosing the flowers. If you have difficulty in deciding, a florist can guide you and give you some tips. You can ask many questions or tell her what you want so she can help you in choosing the right flowers that matched you theme and your budget.

Magazines, wedding guides and even gardening books are good resources to check. These are the best places to look at photographs of flowers especially if you have not chosen the flowers for your wedding. You can also browse the meaning of each flower so it can help you chose the flowers to match your theme. A visit to a Botanical garden would also be helpful so you can get a feel of them.

Decide on your budget and tell your florist. You can give her the list of your must-have and wish-list of flowers so the florist can assess which can work best on your budget. Any florists would know cheaper alternatives for those expensive flowers that you have listed but these are just as beautiful. Be flexible with your flower arrangement so the florist can mix and match the cheap flower girl dresses and expensive ones so you can save money yet have an amazing flower arrangement.

Think about the shade of the flowers. These should match the bride’s wedding gown, the theme of the wedding as well as the gowns of the rest of the bridal court.

As much as possible, choose the flowers that are in season as they are cheaper. If your gowns are locally made, it would also be best to use local flowers to match.

Bridal bouquet is the most important flower arrangement in the wedding. You can be cheap with the rest of the flower arrangement but never your bouquet. It should complement the wedding dress. So if your dress is larger, the bouquet should be larger as well.

The bridesmaids’ bouquets should be the smaller replica of the bride’s bouquet while the flower girl dresses should match the bridesmaids’ flowers but placed in a basket. The groom and the groomsmen need fewer flowers. The groom can wear a single flower that matched on one of the flowers on the bride’s bouquet while the groomsmen would be different that what the groom is wearing. corsage for the mother of the groom and the bride are also as important. These should be made to compliment their gowns.