The choice of the attire for a wedding is always a tricky one. It can be more difficult to choose if we talk about a gay or lesbian wedding. Tradition is now less strict and freedom has became the starting point in deciding what to wear. Now that weddings are becoming more and more different from one another in style and approach, there are certainly endless possibilities and lots of model of wedding dresses. So, here’s some tips to start from and get oriented if the decision-making process is overwhelming you.

When should I start looking at wedding dresses?

It depends from one’s character and, of course, from your decision making skills, but let’s say that a good time to start looking at the wedding dresses is about nine-ten months before the wedding day. Starting in good time before permits you to avoid mistakes, and you will have all time to customizations. Be sure to buy a dress that doesn’t requires major changes.

Should my attire coordinate with my partner’s?

It depends from one’s taste. Many people think that the couple must wear coordinated attire. On the other hand many people (and also designers) absolutely refuse to do so. Generally when the style of the ceremony is very traditional and formal, coordination is required. But if you want to follow tradition while maintaining your freedom and expressing your individuality you can add just a little coordination such as for example earrings and cufflinks or flowers.

Who wears pants or gown in a lesbian wedding?

There is not actually an etiquette, if we have a look at recent lesbian wedding we can see how freedom is quite a constant, the brides can wear both pants, both gown, or one pants and the other gown. You can choose between several possibilities and models of wedding dresses, according to your needs.

How can I chose the right wedding dress?

Choose a dress that valorizes the strengths of your body, that suits you the best. Secondly comes your personal taste. To know your body and to recognize which models can valorize it the best, is half the work. No body is perfect, so don’t be afraid of your body’s imperfections ant look for the right dress to hide them. No matter if you have a pear or an apple body, there is the perfect wedding dress for each type.

Which color do I chose?

The first factor to take in consideration in choosing the color is the tone of your skin. The darker is your skin, the better suits a pure white dress. If you have a light skin you may prefer a ecru or pearl tone, also preferable for natural style wedding, for civil ceremonies and for over-40 brides.