Unusual Wedding Dresses – Some Types

The modern trend in the design of wedding dresses is a combination of unusual solutions. In this article, we will tell you about some unusual wedding dresses.

Short Wedding Dresses

These days, short dresses for brides are becoming increasingly popular. They, in fact, are a kind of challenge to the generally accepted image of the bride. The styles of such dresses vary widely. They can be performed in the style of strict classics, avant-garde or retro. The bold challenge of such a dress will perfectly emphasize the equally original image of the groom who has chosen for himself a snowy white suit of classic cut. By the way, this outfit can be supplemented with contrasting or bright accessories, which will stress the unusual character of the image. For example, the groom can pin a scarlet buttonhole to the lapel of his jacket. The bride in this case can replace the veil with a wreath of the same color.

Non-White Wedding Dresses

In recent years, the trend has widely spread to change the traditional white color of the wedding dress to other colors. Now, a gentle pastel scale (tea rose, strawberry with cream, tender lilac, etc.), as well as brighter colors (for example, rich red) are in fashion. The groom’s suit, of course, does not have to fully match the bride’s dress, but it must still correspond to the general image. For this, the groom can use a tie of the appropriate shade.

Exclusive Wedding Dresses

Exclusive wedding dresses give a feeling of a particularly solemn atmosphere. Thanks to unusual solutions, the bride can feel herself truly unique. Fantasy in this case is not limited to any framework. You can use contrasting color combinations (for example, white and black outfit details) and unusual styles (for example, retro dresses). The fashion again includes corsets, which in some cases are worn not under the dress, but directly on it. Also very popular features are embroideries, delicate flounces and ruffs complementing the exclusive image.

The task of the groom is to match his chosen one in everything. His image should include original accessories, which will help to achieve complete harmony with the attire of the bride. So, for example, a lavalier (wide neck scarf) and ascot are popular, which, thanks to the beautiful drapery, add a peculiar zest and chic to the general style of the groom.

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