Wedding Dress in the Bohemian Style (Boho)

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If you want to feel like a forest fairy, drowning in flowers or wheatears surrounded by nature, then your choice of a Bohemian or Boho style wedding dress will be very successful.

What is the Bohemian style?

Bohemia is the most beautiful place in the Czech Republic, where Roma settled long ago. Bohemians – so the French called the gypsies who lived there. The Bohemian style was influenced not only by Gypsy culture, but also by that of other peoples. However, these are not just the Bohemian gypsy costumes that the name of the region should be connected with. The inhabitants of Europe compared the way of life of the Roma with that of the actors, so the word “bohemia” appeared.

In the Boho style, which is the second name of the Bohemian style, you can see ethnic motifs and ornaments of different peoples, as well as elements of luxurious European baroque and modern hippies. Therefore, the bohemian style of the wedding is considered one of the most popular.

Wedding Dresses in the Bohemian Style

Wedding dresses in the Boho style contain the following elements: light airy fabrics, many colors, ethnic motifs and ornaments, ruffles, embroideries, fringe, ribbons, lace but no crinolines or corsets.
Natural materials are very suitable for this style: chiffon, silk, linen, hand-knitted fabrics, especially lace, in particular luxurious Irish lace. With the use of such material you can create a beautiful image of a fabulous forest fairy. Dresses from these fabrics look gentle, romantic, subtle and exquisite.

The Main Types of Bridal Gowns in the Boho style

Ocean coast. If the wedding takes place on the ocean coast, then the bohemian style of the dress is especially suitable. The flowing fabric easily flutters on the bride from the breeze of a light air and evokes fabulous images of a girl born from the sea foam. In some cases, even shoes may seem superfluous here.

A lace dress. For a lace dress, elegant rubber lace or handmade lace knitted fabric will be suitable. Especially luxurious look can be created with the help of Irish lace dress, which combines different motifs, consisting of flowers and petals, connected by a net. This dress requires a lining fabric made of satin or silk.

Dress with bare shoulders or with neckline (Angelica). This dress typically has a “sun” cut skirt, a short bodice, revealing a strip of belly, if all the guests, especially the elderly, understand this correctly. If not, you can link a skirt and a bodice with a net or transparent cloth. You can see something like that in Gypsies’ clothes.

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