10 Wedding Thank-You Gift Ideas for Parents

In the lead-up to a wedding, aside from the planners, it is the parents who are the most worn out from all the preparation works. The planner you can tip heavily in appreciation for all the hard work, but how do you thank your parents? There is only way to show your gratitude to them for all they have done to arrange the event, and that’s a thoughtful gift. We often buy gifts for the guests, the bridesmaids, but forget the people who deserve it most, our parents. So, to thank them for their guidance, wisdom and support, get them a gift they will treasure for life.

We have some ideas that you may like.

A Gilded Photo

Nothing can make a more memorable gift than an old photograph. For this, you may have to do some digging into your old boxes. Find something that has you, your parents and your siblings all together, possibly from a birthday party or a picnic. Such a snap is a tear-jerker, especially in events like these. Get it brushed up, restored if needed and set in a nice frame of your choice.

A Vintage-Inspired Pendant

If it’s your mother, then nothing can beat a vintage-inspired pendant. If you can get your hands on an heirloom pendant, nothing like it, but most people would fail at that, considering the steep price of antiques. In that case, keep it simple with a new pendant from a store. Pick from the vintage-inspired section because not only those are most fitting to the taste of that generation, it also makes for a sophisticated and memorable thank-you gift. This may cost you less or more, depending on what you choose, but in any case, such a pendant will cost way less than a real vintage pendant.

A Spa Day Treat

Parents need pampering too, especially after the backbreaking job of arranging the wedding. So, buy them a nice spa day gift card after the family wedding so that they can unwind and relax the right way. Of course, many would lean towards a romantic meal or a holiday, but a couple’s massage gift card is the best possible gift you can get your parents after the hard work of the wedding. Buy it on Groupon for a bit of extra discount. There are many excellent choices available on deals. You will be surprised to find what easy cost these spa day treats come at.

A Sentimental Charms Bracelet

A sentimental gift for a mother is a charms bracelet. Worn by women of all ages, this much-loved piece of ornament has been trending since forever. Still high in style, a charms bracelet is always a bestseller at jewelry stores. They come in varying designs, styles, materials and weights. While some carry gemstones, others are enameled, but most are plain gold or plain silver ones. There are also platinum bracelets that cost a lot but are incredibly beautiful. If you are keen on spending a little extra, then a gold charm bracelet studded with diamonds and colored gems is something to consider.

Loose Diamonds

If you are not good at shopping jewelries, no matter because loose diamonds make great thank you gifts too. Not only do they free buyers from the hassle of choosing a jewelry for another person, but they also make very thoughtful gifts. There are plenty of jewelry stores in the market and online where loose diamonds are sold at profitable prices. All you need is to learn a little about the 4Cs of gemstone to make sure that you are buying the right one diamond.

A Luxe Watch

Whether it’s your father or your mother, a luxe watch will be appreciated by either or both. So, if you have a bit of cash to spare, but not sure what to get them, then a luxe watch is worth considering. Browse through the series of brands that make such watches or just get them custom-made at a trusted jewelry store. It is a gift they will cherish for their life.

A Cozy Throw

A small, but equally thoughtful gift is a throw blanket. If your parents are in the habit of watching TV together on the couch, then a throw makes the right kind of gift for them. Winter is on its way and a throw blanket is a perfect pick at this time. If you are into knitting, make them one, or get it embroidered with a little message or design that means something to them. That would be a great way of adding a personal touch to the gift.

A Weekend Getaway

If you are in a mood to splurge, get your parents a weekend getaway to show your love and gratitude for their support in this. Tickets to holidays do not have to be expensive though. If you have little to spare, arrange for an economic holiday for them somewhere in the country that they haven’t visited before. Make the bookings for after the wedding so that when you are on your honeymoon, they too can have a weekend escape of their own. Once again, scour the internet for easy holiday deals. Tickets and tariffs both can be inexpensive when buying from discount bins.

A Family Portrait Plate

A great way to present a photo is to have it printed on a nice ceramic plate. Portrait plates are big right now. A great personalized gift, you will find these at any gift and souvenir stores that make customizations. Get a family portrait, pick a ceramic of your choice and put them together. Your parents will absolutely love it.

An Acrylic Painting

If either of your parents is an art lover, then an acrylic paint is a great gift idea on your wedding day. It says thank you, but it also compliments them on their taste. Some acrylic artworks are very expensive, others are fairly affordable. Pick something that is inside your budget, but at the same time fit to their liking.


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