One of the biggest obstacles new couples face when it comes to their wedding is figuring out how to budget their money for the different parts of their big day.  We wanted to offer some helpful tips to make this often-painful part of the wedding planning process a little easier. We want to be your wedding planner in Columbia, SC and we are proud of the reputation we have garnered among the locals. We wanted to pass some of that expertise on to you today. So, here are some tips right from our wedding coordinators here at Cashmere Dreams:

The Size- The first thing you are going to need to do is decide how big of a wedding you want. This will impact everything else so you and your partner need to agree on how many people will be in your wedding and at your wedding as well.

The Dresses- Your dress and your spouse’s tux, as well as outfits for your bridal party will take up a lot of your wedding budget. Consider styles and colors and remember some style sand colors are easier to get and therefor more affordable.

The Flowers- Along with the dress, the flowers are another part of the wedding planning that can quickly eat at your budget. Try to choose flowers that are in season so they are more affordable and go with smaller bouquets and table settings too.

The Venue- Depending on the size of your wedding and the theme you have chosen; your venue may be expensive or fairly affordable. Outdoor venues are often cheaper and larger weddings natural cost more due to seating and space needs.

The Cake- Some couples go all out for the wedding cake while others take a more laid-back approach to the cake. A good wedding coordinator can help you find the right place to get a cake that is just right and that fits within your budget.

The Decorations- No wedding is complete without great decorations and by working closely with your wedding planner you can get everything just right and within budget. Listening to your coordinator makes wedding decorating a piece of cake.

The Food- Few weddings are complete without the food factor as family and friends mingle and talk and celebrate over delicious foods. Choose menu items carefully to avoid paying too much for meals and see if your venue has specials for meals too.

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If you are getting ready for a wedding you know how nerve wracking it can be between wedding decoration planning to figuring out the budget and finding everything you need to make your wedding day perfect. We here at Cashmere Dreams are ready to help you with every aspect of wedding planning and budget planning. We want to be your wedding planner in Columbia, SC so call us now and schedule your free consultation appointment with our experienced wedding coordinators. We look forward to working with you!