Follow the Classic Wedding Tradition of Filling Guest Book with Some Unique Ideas

There is no question that your wedding has to be up to the mark. All that you plan for your wedding has to be just perfect. However, would you remember the flower decoration on each table in the venue unless you don’t see your album? Or would you remember any of your guests and the blessings that they gave you? Well, here is the best way to do it.

A guest book in weddings has been an old tradition, which helps you enclose your entire guests name and their blessings that they showered with beautiful notes. Your grandparents would relate it best, when you ask them about guest books. Traditionally, guest books were white color attached with white feather pen. Guests used to sign with address and also wrote a blessing note for the couple.

Today, a variety of guest books are available in the market. Depending upon the theme or your favorite color you can buy your personal wedding guest book. Guest book is not only a treasure of blessings, but can also be used to give advice or suggestions to a newly married couple. It helps you capture all moments that you missed during your wedding. After coming back from honeymoon you can cherish them.

A book is not difficult to handle, moreover a wedding book can be customized with your own choice. You don’t need to keep the same traditional wedding book. It is now available in various shapes and sizes, colors and patterns. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose your special day book.

Apart from that, there are various ways, you can pretend it to be an important part for your wedding by following these few steps –

  • You can create a huge book with plenty of pages in it so that even your children and grandchildren can use it and continue the tradition. This way, when you all get old, you can relive your memories by reading those notes.
  • You can handover your guest book to a reliable person, who would approach each guest so that they fill it up comfortably.
  • You can also request your guest to get their picture with them at the venue and paste it in your guest book enclosed with a memory, or you can hire a photographer, who would take a Polaroid photograph of your guest before they write anything on the book.
  • If you feel guest book is old tradition then you can always record their messages live with the help of a videographer.

Theme has always been the main attraction of any event, so why ignore the wedding, which changes your entire life. Wedding books can be a simple bunch of blank sheets that can be tied together and decorated with glitters and your memorable photographs. Sometimes, people prefer their favorite color and match it with their wedding decoration.

Wedding books are priceless because it contains all emotions of your loved ones. It helps you in your tough times and also reminds you of those days, when you were kids and enjoyed lovely moments with your family.


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