Hi-tech wedding ideas for your big day

One upon a time, weddings were announced via formal note cards and a few lines in the newspaper, with large albums of formal pictures shared with visitors in the following months. Social media then came along and switched things up a gear, introducing us to hashtags, real-time sharing and a platform to inform the world of our personal news via feeds and status updates.

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Despite the despair expressed by those concerned about the influence of social progress on personal experiences, the public’s appetite for incorporating technology into all aspects of life continues to grow. This is no different when it comes to weddings and there are some seriously hi-tech options on offer.

Go live

Pretty much every Facebook user will be familiar with the option to stream yourself live from a phone. A 360-degree live stream is great for your loved ones who can’t be with you in person, helping them to feel as if they are there with you. More professional alternatives are also available and these recordings can be kept private by simply sharing a secure link.

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Hire a robot bartender

This is novel, fun and entertaining; best of all – of course – every drink is mixed to perfection. Robots range in appearance from almost coffee machine-like to the more traditional style with arms. If you use a related app, the robot even can be programmed to make and serve a special cocktail you designed together as your signature drink.

Set up some secret recordings

Hiding tiny cameras inside everything from your bouquet to the groomsmen’s buttonholes will give you hours of uncensored footage and natural images that can be a great supplement to the official photographs. Take it further by having people share their video clips and snapshots with you and these can be added to the official recordings to make a unique blended memory of the day. This footage complements the official shots from a Bournemouth wedding photographer such as nickrutterphotography.co.uk rather than replacing it.

Cheat cramp with app-based thank you notes

Writing long letters is pretty unusual these days, so why not avoid repetition, spelling mistakes and sheer boredom by sending nice thank you messages via an app? These can be personalised and can even be delivered in written form if you prefer.

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