How to create Wedding Invitation Cards yourself?

Some tips for preparing all the wedding stationery.

You have the choice of ordering your work to a printer or do it yourself or with the help of your friends and family invitationsinvitation cardsmenusplace cards for a weddingthank you cardsfavors labels, possibly photospheres, personalized.

If you wish you can match all your prints by harmonizing the presentation, font, decorative elements…

The Guest Name

Place the names of the guests on pretty cartons, written (or printed) carefully so that they spot their place at the table. A thick paper folded in half will stand alone on the tablecloth. For a small cardboard box, you can perforate and hang cardboard with a piece of raffia or a knot with a glass, a towel ring, a photosphere, a small bouquet (flowers, or wheat) …) individual. The name of the guest can also be noted on a small slate.

The name of the guests can be written with a golden or glittery pen, or with the aid of a stained glass pen (there are different tones).

Wedding Stationery

Depending on your choices, you can print directly from a printer your various paper mills for the wedding: invitation cards (buffet, wine of honor), announcements, menus, place marks, thank you cards, bottle, dragee labels … or design them yourself and print them with a printer. If you are planning to print your paper mills yourself, you will need a high-quality printer, and think about not being out of print. You can insert personal photos (the bride and groom, flowers, decorative elements photographed or clipart).


Choose a nice font for the wedding invitation and all the party stationery. Script fonts, which resemble manual writing, are often used, but you may prefer a classic or more custom font. Avoid using multiple different fonts.


Also choose the format of your stationery and especially your invitation and thank you card and your announcement. These must conform to the size of the envelope used for sending.


If you plan to print several announcements, cards, or place marks on a sheet of paper, you will need to choose the type of paper, plain paper, or white cardboard (in general or in color). Cut, very neatly with scissors or with the cutter or classic scissors or “fantasy” blades (waves etc …).

Decoration of Stationery

You can use perforators (heart-shaped, wedding ring), tampons, glue dried flowers, feathers, decals, sticks or confetti cut to the punch…

Using Your Photos in Your Wedding Stationery

You can use your own photos (photo of the couple for example) to decorate your wedding paper mills. Simply paste one or more photos into your menus, invitation cards, announcements … or create beautiful montages that you will print.

The stamps

For sending invitations, announcements or acknowledgments, you can use ordinary stamps or print custom stamps.



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