What can be more exciting than your best friend’s wedding? Well, I was really excited about the wedding arrangements of my best friend. She is actually very pretty and I wanted my best friend to be the most gorgeous bride on her D-day. Her parents were busy handling all the arrangements for the various ceremonies. So, I decided to lend them a hand if they ever needed my help. Soon my turn came and I was asked to get the best wedding photographer for my bestie’s D-day. I was really happy that her parents actually trusted me for bringing the best wedding photographer in Pune.

UrbanClap was a relief to me!

Well, it seems easy to say but it was quite tough to find the best wedding photographer in the town. As my best friend belonged to a rich Marathi family, so she needed to have the best professional to capture all her special moments in the lenses. I started my search from the online ad portals. But to my utter despair they didn’t work. Most of the contacts provided were false and the rest were not reachable. Few of them, to whom I got a chance to call didn’t possess a good portfolio. So, I dropped the idea to hire someone from those ad portals.

I was exhausted and I called one of my colleagues at my office. He found me sounding low so he asked me that what I was worried about. I told him about my problem. He heard me calmly and asked me not to panic. He told me to search for an app named UrbanClap in the Google play store. I picked up my bestie’s phone and started searching for the app in the play store. I found the app and clicked on the download button to get the app downloaded and installed on her smart phone.

It took no time to get the app installed on her phone. As directed, I opened the app to search for the best wedding photographers in Pune. The app asked me to fill few of the required details in order to get me registered on the app. It took me another few minutes to fill those details in the provided space and then I tapped on the signup tab so that I can be a registered as an active member on the platform. I opened the app again and started searching for the best professionals over there. I was surprised to see such a long list of professionals listed on the app and started short listing them on the basis of the ratings they received.

How I found the best professional for my best friend’s wedding?

Well, finding the best wedding photographers in Pune was not that tough, all thanks to the UrbanClap team. They just have brought out the best platform for all the needful service seekers and the professional service providers. I continued short listing the list of professionals on the basis of their previous ratings and prepared a filtered list of professionals. Then, I carefully read the reviews in order to avoid any unwanted circumstances and finally decided over the best three professionals. I opened my laptop and mailed them asking for their price quotes and the services they will be offering.

I soon got replies from them, in which their prices and services were clearly quoted. Along with them; they also mailed me their portfolios. I together with my bestie went through their portfolios and decided over the one, whose work was really amazing. We asked him to come over for a face to face meeting. Very next day he came for the meet and we were actually impressed with his politeness and punctuality. He assured us for the best photography and videography services.

UrbanClap is worth your trust

People who think that apps can’t bring you the best service providers are wronged by the UrbanClap. We found the best wedding photographers in Pune and we actually cherished our choice. As assured by the professional we received the best pictures of my friend’s weddings. She looked damn pretty in every picture whether it was the haldi ceremony or the Jai-Maal, her looks were just amazing in every single picture. Mr. Sumanjeet Sahay and his whole team from Panache Studios actually did a mind blowing job. They were so hardworking and punctual. I actually loved their dedication in making the best memories.

I will highly recommend him and his whole team to anyone who is going to get married soon in a while. This mind blowing team from the Panache studios actually deserves to have the 5 star rating and the best reviews. I am also thankful to the whole team of UrbanClap for bringing me the best wedding photographers in Pune.