A small wedding offers greater intimacy among invited guests compared to a grand wedding with all its accompanying fancy trimmings and additional ceremonies. Planning for a small wedding, however, has its distinct advantages; small wedding ceremonies is less likely to cause stress and gives you more time to enjoy the occasion with family and close friends. Moreover, planning for a small wedding gives you more time and energy to concentrate on the details of the wedding on a first-hand basis and not relegate matters to others.

Planning for a small wedding gives you more control on all of the options and details of the wedding than you do with a bigger affair. For example, you have a lot more leeway where food is concerned. Depending on your budget, you can have hors d’oeuvres, set up a buffet, or have it catered with waiters all decked out. If your guest list is truly small, select and exclusive, you can opt to have the reception in a nice restaurant and negotiate for different kinds of food instead of expensive buffet settings.

You can keep expenditures to the minimum by planning a small wedding with the help of Wedding Planner Columbia SC; it allows you to spend money wisely where it counts. You can choose not to be sparing with your wedding trousseau, photos and video expenses but negotiate on other incidental expenses including the food and still have a very memorable wedding.

You have an opportunity to involve your guests more when you’re planning a small wedding. One couple had each of the guests sign and write a small sentiment on a tablecloth. Over the years the wife embroidered those sentiments onto the tablecloth and today it is a cherished piece that will pass on to their daughter.

Small intimate weddings are more personal than the large social affairs some choose to have. Neither one is more correct than the other, both are equally acceptable however by planning a small wedding, you have more choices as to where to hold the wedding ceremony itself. You may choose to have it in your home or in the home of a relative or friend. You may also consider a garden wedding. You could rent a gazebo and have the wedding guests stand all around you as you exchange your vows. The flexibility and adaptability are endless by planning a small wedding.

Whether you are planning a small wedding or a large wedding, neither one is synonymous with a small or a large budget. You can certainly have a large wedding on a small budget and you can have a small wedding on a large budget. However, if you are planning a small wedding you have a better chance of having the groom involved in the planning process. When men see a lot of hands stirring the pot, they run out of the kitchen! Planning a small wedding gives you both a chance to exchange ideas before you exchange vows.