The wedding planner: the rational artist

Wedding is like a work of fine art, it is composed of countless shapes and a myriad of colours. But only in the hands of a true artist do those shapes and colours coalesce into a masterpiece. Pacifico Wedding Planner is the artist to the masterpiece that will be your wedding.

Planning is a journey, just as with any journey there will be trials and tribulations, frustrations and moments of doubt. By having a professional guide your journey, your dream wedding will become a painless reality.

Sometimes, we can feel like our dreams are unachievable, unrealistic expectations of things we want to happen but don’t truly believe is possible. A wedding planner is able to take your dreams and shape them into the reality of a wedding.

How is a wedding planner planning your special day?

The initial step for a wedding organization follows a creative path, that of the immagination.  Daydream comes before  reality and your ideas are the black ink on the white sheet, are the inspirations of the work of art. With Pacifico Wedding Planner you will imagine your event without ever losing sight of reality: to realize your desires you always start from the concrete possibilities. The professional will help you to guide your choices according to the chosen contents, from the location to your favorite music.

Each wedding starts first with imagination and then is followed by budget. Budget is key, a wedding planner will be able to tell you what is achievable. They will also help you appropriately allocate your budget to the most important parts.

Behing the scenes of a fairytale wedding, phone calls, emails, vendors and paperwork all needs to be managed. A wedding planner will handle all of this, providing the essential backbone to ensure that your wedding runs smoothly.

The wedding planner, the dreams manager

Planning a wedding requires a very specific set of skills in order to be able to manage all of the tedious paperwork required for a succesful one. A wedding planner will manag all of that so you don’t need to.

When a professional is planning your wedding, there is no such thing as surprises. They have seen it all, and can solve it all.

With a wedding planner, you can focus on the only things that matter. Your partner and your special day.

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